1. 1 - number of friends who invited me to the class. Yay @jessicah!
  2. 0 - number of Zumba classes either of us had been to prior to tonight.
  3. 17 - number of people in the class.
  4. 15 - number of people who were SIGNIFICANTLY better at Zumba than we were.
  5. 5 - number of times the instructor yelled instructions in our direction.
  6. 4 - number of times the whole class inexplicably turned around, instantly moving Jess and me from the back of the class (safe) to the front of the class (horrible).
  7. 47 - number of ways my butt DOES NOT move.
  8. 55 - number of minutes I spent spastically jumping up and down, hoping it made me look like I was doing something close to the specified butt movement.
  9. 7,000 - approximate number of steps gained by said jumping.
  10. 8 - number of times I suspect the instructor was laughing at us.
  11. 12 - number of times Jess and I forgot what we were doing because we were too busy laughing at ourselves.
  12. 379 - number of muscles that I will not be able to move tomorrow.
  13. Innumerable - number of times Jess and I cemented our left shark status.