"It's mind-boggling to me that we ever won an election."
  1. Rob Lowe is the first thing on my screen, after long shot of DC at night. There is nothing wrong with this.
  2. POTUS. This is where I first heard this term 15 (ack!) years ago.
  3. CJ'a treadmill lecture about budgeting time seemed so ridiculous when I was a teenager, but it's SO MY LIFE NOW.
    Also CJ can say more words while running than I could ever hope to manage, even at a slow jog.
  4. "Are you telling me I can still flummox this thing with something I bought at Radio Shack?"
    Yes, Toby. YES.
  5. I don't think that anyone in law school could afford as nice an apartment as Laurie's.. Even if she were in the escort business.
  6. This walking shot with Leo is ridiculous. How did everyone get all the timing and words exactly right??
  7. Mrs. Landingham 💛
  8. Oh man, CJ's clothes get so much better in later seasons.
    Right now it's like bad menswear.
  9. "They're running for their lives. You don't send in the National Guard, you send food and you send doctors."
    Ever timely, this show.
  10. Rewinding video tapes! That used to be a thing!
    This, perhaps, is less timely.
  11. Ugh Mandy.
    She annoys me so much. Surely I can't be alone in this?
  12. I'd forgotten how much of this episode the President isn't in.
  13. Oh, we're talking gun legislation.
    This could be today. Seriously, how is it that we have made no movement on these issues in 15 years?
  14. Sam Seaborn is so very attractive.
  15. But how is it possible that he didn't know that Leo's daughter was a grown up (as opposed to a 4th grader)?!?
  16. "The White House, as you know, was built several years ago, mostly, if I'm not mistaken, out of cement."
  17. "Well, this is bad on so many levels."
    This phrase has made its way into my everyday lexicon.
  18. Mary Marsh looks like she eats people for breakfast.
  19. I love Toby when he's angry. He's so righteous. It's wonderful.
  20. And I love President Bartlet all the time!
    Martin Sheen looks so young!
  21. Oh man.. the Lambs of God. I had forgotten about this.
    So horrible :(
  22. "With the clothes on their back they came through the storm, and the ones that didn't die want a better life and they want it here. Talk about impressive."
    Impressive indeed.
  23. Closing thoughts :: How is it that the least relevant thing in this show is Josh's outdated technology? It's somewhat incredible to me that the three major political issues discussed in an episode that aired in 1999 are still hot button topics in 2015 (i.e. in the news TODAY). I'm not sure I like what this says about America.
  24. Follow this link for S1.E2!