"So technically the millennium is still a year away." "Yeah, but we've made all these plans."
  1. Yay!! It's a Christmas episode! I love Christmas episodes.
    Especially when the serendipitous occurs and I'm actually watching a Christmas episode around Christmastime.
  2. I need the White House decorators to come to my house this year. I'm feeling completely uninspired.
  3. "Flamingo is on her way."
    Poor CJ. Though to be honest, if the Secret Service is insisting on a bird theme, I'm not sure there is a good option.
  4. The Korean War Memorial is stunning.
  5. Well hello, Lance Reddick. I've never noticed you here before.
    It almost seems like you could be a young Cedric Daniels.. DC and Baltimore are relatively close, after all.
  6. Donna and Josh's interactions are so well written. They make me happy.
  7. "Just sign the damn thing."
    Margaret to Leo. I suspect this is secretly how many of us feel about the obligatory Christmas cards.
  8. Also, Margaret has an impressive death glare.
  9. Josh, this is a really bad idea.
    "Sam knows a girl. I want to talk to her."
  10. Ugh.. Right. Poor Lowell and hate crimes. Blah. This is not the Christmas escapism I was imagining.
  11. "This might seem trivial under the circumstances.. The Santa hats do clash with the Dickensian costumes."
    "It might seem trivial?"
  12. I love how Josh and Donna can communicate so flippantly in one moment and so seriously the next.
  13. These are the best behaved and best performing 1st graders I have ever seen.
    And President Bartlet is adorable with them.
  14. It is manifestly unfair that Sam's code name is Princeton while CJ's is Flamingo.
    "The flamingo's a nice looking bird." "The flamingo's a RIDICULOUS looking bird."
  15. Ugh.. Josh. This is such a bad idea to talk to Laurie. Please let's not.
    It doesn't matter that your motivation is good.
  16. Mrs. Landingham's story about her sons breaks my heart.
    "They were so young, Charlie. They were your age. It's hard when that happens so far away, you know, because with the noises and the shooting, they had to be so scared. It's hard not to think that, right then, they needed their mother." 😢
  17. I want a president who sneaks out of the White House to go shopping at a place called Rare Books.
  18. I also want to see Danny's list of reasons CJ should go out with him.
  19. "Well.. Nothing says Christmas like animal tales in iambic verse."
  20. Toby's helplessness in talking to Walter's brother and friends is painful and yet so relatable.
  21. "I made an actual list."
    CJ would like the list app, I think.
  22. Oh man.. Josh is horrible to Laurie here.
    But at least he apologizes, I guess.
  23. Margaret is a good woman to continually wage this war of Christmas cards with Leo.
  24. "You had us tailed‽"
    Good job, Leo.
  25. "I didn't ask you out. You asked me out about 49 times and I'm saying yes to one of them."
  26. "You see? You spend most of your time being, you know, you.. And then you write something like this to me."
    And that is the Donna/Josh relationship in a nutshell.
  27. "Toby, if we start pulling strings like this, you don't think every homeless veteran is going to come out of the woodwork?"
    "I can only hope, sir."