"Oh.. I thought you were the butler."
  1. Is Josh really trying to convince Donna to caddy for him?
    Yes. Yes he is.
  2. The situation room has to be the scariest room in the White House.
    Seriously, nothing good seems to happen there ever.
  3. "How can the CIA miss 300,000 armed people walking over the border?"
  4. Yay! Zoey's here! Maybe we'll get some fun Charlie/Zoey interactions.
    Also, Zoey is so confident! I never would have asked a guy out at 19.
  5. Ah, Mandy.. You want to take on a republican client? Good luck with that.
    Yet another bad idea from that quarter.
  6. "300,000 troops? I think someone at the Pentagon is having a little fun with you, Bruce. I was just in the Oval Office ten minutes ago."
    Ugh.. Poor CJ.
  7. My life is significantly happier for not knowing how many weapons of mass destruction all of the various nations of the world possess.
  8. Bartlet: "There's an India expert I want to bring in."
    Leo: "Who? No."
  9. Toby: "They don't think you lied to them."
    CJ: "I know that. They think you lied to me, because that's what happened."
  10. "There's a concern that you're too friendly with the press."
    And this is why Danny is doomed to wait.
  11. "My daughter asked you out‽ I should have locked her in the dungeon."
    The sentiments of fathers everywhere.
  12. "I'll take the Indian ambassador in the Oval Office...and then if you would just ask the Secret Service to step in and kill me, please."
    I think I would feel this way every day if I were president.
  13. Well hello there, Principal Figgins.
    Or the Indian ambassador. That makes more sense, I suppose.
  14. "You're a cheap hack. If you come after Leo, I'm gonna bust you like a piñata."
    Sam 💛
  15. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Lord John Marbury. I was summoned by your president."
    "Yes.. We've met, 10 or 12 times. I'm Leo McGarry."
  16. "Either I'm a trusted member of the communications staff or I'm not, Toby."
    Way to stick up for yourself, CJ! And way to demand an apology.
  17. "I don't even think the accent's real."
    I love the mutual testiness between Leo and Lord John.
  18. "We're here for whatever you need. We just wanted to come in and tell you that."
    Josh 💛
  19. "Don't you ever forget the battles you fought and won."
    President Bartlet 💛
  20. I love all of these people so much.