"Don't take anything off the table without talking to me first."
  1. "I'm a woman in her prime, Josh. I'm a prime woman."
    Seriously.. How anyone who works in the White House could have any sort of life outside of work is beyond me.
  2. "I'm anticipating any joke you could possibly make right now, and I'm not finding any of them funny."
    Having to read a 40+ page report on sex education and then discuss it with immature male coworkers (I'm looking at you, Josh) deserves hazard pay.
  3. "You know, eventually you're going to have to go on a date with me. You can't just keep grabbing me and kissing me."
    I love that this continues to happen.
  4. "There's a town in Alabama that wants to abolish all laws.. Except for the Ten Commandments."
  5. I love grumpy Toby.
  6. Mrs. Landingham is awesome too.
  7. "I don't leak stories to Danny. If you don't believe me ask Danny."
    Ugh, CJ. This is why the kissing thing is becoming problematic.
  8. "I was raised on Sesame Street; I was raised on Julia Child; I was raised on Brideshead Revisited; their legacies are safe in my hands.
    💛 Toby, this is why you and I get on so well.
  9. "Unless a war breaks out, I will be spending most of my day talking about bananas."
    A day in the life of the president.
  10. "I haven't seen you making the rounds on the Sunday morning talk shows in a while, Simon. I'm glad I could help out with that."
    Poor Leo.
  11. "It doesn't matter what the hell the hearing turns up. It's a hearing. This one is drugs, so it's sexy. This is Geraldo's dream."
    Blah. So true and so unfortunate. We as a country don't seem to care about the news unless it's scandalous.
  12. "I won't say that word."
    Amen, Mr. President.
  13. I love this dad.
    CJ really walks into it here, though. And I feel, somehow, it is all Mandy's fault.
  14. "Fozzie Bear. It's Fozzie Bear not fuzzy bear."
    I love that Toby knows this.
  15. Why hello there, Liza Weil.
    It is very hard for me to separate you from Paris Gellar. It seems like Paris got a job at the White House and is getting in trouble with Sam right now.
  16. "You were offered a banana earlier, sir, and you were snippy."
  17. "Mr. President, we can all be better teachers."
    💛 CJ
  18. "I always took a free lead...but not from you."
    💛 Danny
  19. Paris (Karen) must be terrified to walk into Leo's office.
    Leo handles this masterfully though.
  20. "Karen, what you did caused a lot of problems for me, for the president, for a lot of people we don't even know. But I'm not sure it wasn't a little bit brave."
  21. I love Leo and his second chances.