"Josh and Toby are just going to have to count again."
  1. I really can't imagine any First Lady joking around with a kid this way. Maybe that's just me.
    "If you're nervous I'll detect it and I will mock you mercilessly on national television."
  2. I do love that our First Ladies have political platforms and utilize their unique position to highlight different issues.
  3. "Wall Street needs to trust me."
    It's crazy that a vacuum of power in a position that few of us ever think about (fed chairman) could have such a drastic effect on something many of us think about and even obsess over (Wall Street).
  4. "For instance, 100 years ago, most women washed their hair only once a month, and they used borax or egg yolks for shampoo."
    Dude. Without the amazing convenience of hot, running water coming out of my shower, I wouldn't wash my hair any more often either.
  5. "Ok, that didn't seem to be about anything that interests me."
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    Another one of my all time favorite Toby lines.. Saved as a gif on my phone for use via text in pertinent situations.
  6. Sam: "I'm just saying, if anyone needs me today, I'm going to be in the gym. And that's going to be sad for me, because I'm going to live longer than you."
    Toby: "Don't count on it."
  7. "There was a victory, and we're the victors, and I'm not going in there, hat in my hand!!!"
    This is a particularly sass-filled episode for Toby.
  8. "I can still kick the crap out of you though. We're clear on that, right?"
  9. And Danny rabble rouses again!
  10. Sam Seaborn's gym obsession -> yet another Chris Traeger moment.
  11. Leo: "Sometimes I don't even know what you're talking about."
    Bartlet: "Sometimes I'm just making it up."
  12. "Intro to Cinema is what got me where I am today."
    I had very similar conversations with my father regarding my liberal arts major.
  13. "They don't like that the daughter of the president is dating a young black man."
    Ugh, this storyline. So real, and so sickening. Poor Charlie and Zoey.
  14. Josh: "This. This right here is why you have a reputation as a pain in the ass."
    Toby: "I've cultivated that reputation."
  15. "Hey look! It says here that 100 years ago, a black guy couldn't show up to a club opening with a white girl for fear he'd be killed."
  16. I love Danny, and I love Charlie.
  17. "Also I'd get in trouble with the First Lady."
    "Welcome to the club! We had some jackets made."
  18. Abby really is brilliant. Feisty and brilliant.
  19. I love the way that the president and Abby fight. They get it all out there and then they make up.
  20. "Just stand there in your wrongness and be wrong and get used to it!"
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    I also have a gif of this. I used it yesterday.
  21. "Book bag is in for the night."
    Charlie for the win!!