"After hoc, therefore, something else hoc."
  1. Ah, we open this episode with proof that Mandy is crazy and ridiculous. How does the White House hire her??
  2. "I'll kill you with my shoe!"
    She could, too.. Those heels are basically sledgehammers.
  3. "Victory is mine, victory is mine. Great day in the morning, people, victory is mine!
    Oh Josh.
  4. "Bring me all the muffins and bagels in the land!"
    Another WW phrase that has made it into my vocabulary.
  5. Josh is so adorable and yet so cocky. It's confusing.
    Donna, I feel your pain.
  6. I had forgotten that the opening credits music was originally much tamer. I wonder when that changes?
  7. Mrs. Landingham is phenomenally sarcastic. I love her.
  8. CJ has the hardest job. How do you tactfully tell the President of the United States to keep his mouth shut?
  9. "We did not lose Texas because of the hat joke. Do you know when we lost Texas?"
    "When you learned to speak Latin?"
  10. "Anyone but Mandy!"
    Why does no one listen to Josh?‽
  11. "You slept with a call girl‽"
    "Well, no.. Yes. Yes I did."
  12. Hoynes cannot actually speak French.
    I wonder how often the President/Vice President/Secretary of State is required to muddle through a few sentences in a foreign language?
  13. I can't imagine what being the President of the United States would do to one's blood pressure.
  14. Oh good. Now we can listen to drunk Mandy tell us about how awesome she is.
    Her poor friend/business partner. How does she not throttle her?
  15. Apparently Sam's code word for needing to drop a bomb on his colleagues is "stretching my legs."
  16. "You accidentally slept with a prostitute. Accidentally. I don't understand, did you trip over something?"
    "This administration doesn't need an opposition party, you know that? We do fine by ourselves."
  17. "Can you think of a single reason not to use Mandy that isn't personal?"
    Yes!! Yes, I can. Why didn't Leo ask me?
  18. "You stole my steaks. You are a cattle rustler, Mrs. Landingham."
  19. Sam, when someone says a call girl is busy, you don't go back there.
    And then you DEFINITELY don't offer to pay her to make up for wrecking her "date".
  20. I understand that being the President is an around the clock job, but it's a really good thing that nothing is generally required of me at 3:35am.
    Let alone a meeting with the joint chiefs of staff. That would not go well for anyone.
  21. Clearly it's not going well for President Bartlet either.
    Poor Morris :(
  22. Closing thoughts :: This first season is so quotable!
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