"What are you wearing tonight?"
  1. Poor CJ, having to recite all the facts about all the clothes.
    "Mira Bella needed to know what wine was being served with the fish course, so it's a good thing I went to school for 22 years."
  2. Especially when there is actual news happening.
    A hurricane, a potential shipping strike, and a hostage situation. No big deal.
  3. "Leo, please tell Josh that I can play a role in issues and it's not going to be the end of this administration."
    Don't be so sure there, Mandy.
  4. The Indonesian President is not amused.
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  5. "Trucks are still this country's number one way of moving things around."
    I haven't really thought about this before. I generally view trucks as a mild-major inconvenience in my commute, not as an essential part of my life.
  6. Mandy: "This is a major PR disaster waiting to happen, and it's happening today. This is why they hired me...and it bugs you."
    It's ok, Josh. It bugs me too.
  7. "I have nothing more to say on the subject."
    Nope. He's definitely not amused.
  8. Sam: "Do you really think it's a good idea to invite people to dinner and then tell them exactly what they're doing wrong with their lives?"
    Toby: "Absolutely. Otherwise it's just a waste of food."
  9. Danny is such a punk, bringing up Vermeil.
    He's an adorable punk, though.
  10. "Yeah, but in this kind of environment, it's basically community food, right?"
    Yay Sam! I have never met a man in real life who feels this way about food. Perhaps when I do, I'll marry him.
  11. "There's no way this'll end good. All that's left is to end it fast."
    I'm writing this list on 12/2; I just got done reading all the available info about the San Bernardino shootings. Ugh. All of this makes me so sad.
  12. Donna can tie a bow tie? That's crazy. Who can do that?
  13. Sam to Josh: "Hey, we look good, don't we?"
    And then they proceed to admire themselves jointly. Boys.
  14. I think this is the first time we see Stockard Channing.
    I go back and forth on Mrs. Bartlet. Sometimes I really enjoy her, and other times I don't understand her at all.
  15. Oh no.. Things are about to get awkward.
  16. Hello there, Laurie.
    Sam, you are not doing a good job of controlling your face.
  17. Oh Mandy. I do feel sorry for you here.
    And so does Josh, I think.
  18. President Bartlet calling the ships caught in the hurricane is such a sweet thing.
  19. The translating scene is perfect.
    "He's answering a question from a half an hour ago."
  20. It would be completely unreal to attend a function at the White House.
    Also I would have to go shopping, as I have zero clothes that would be equal to it.
  21. "One of the things that happens when I stay away too long is you forget that you don't have the power to fix everything."
    I imagine that this would be a huge struggle as president - how could you help but feel responsible for everything?
  22. This last scene is masterfully shot from the wide angle transitioning to the close up.
    And yet all the actors are acting hardcore the whole time. Rob Lowe does a particularly excellent job.
  23. "I'm going to stay right here as long as the radio works, ok? Hang on."