"I have hatred in my heart."
  1. "Well we're through with work, Josh, but this part's fun!"
    Mr. President, I think Josh's definition of fun might differ significantly from yours.
  2. "Is it nerd-like to know that Everglades National Park is the largest remaining subtropical wilderness in the continental United States AND has extensive mangrove forests?"
    It is nerd-like, but it is also awesome.
  3. Seriously, if I ever get married, I am walking down the aisle to this opening music.
  4. "They were talking about national parks until two in the morning?"
    Ok.. Maybe that's a bit too nerdy, even for me.
  5. Mrs. Landingham keeps everyone in line. I love it.
  6. As I watch this scene with the cabinet meeting, I realize that I am not particularly clear on what the cabinet is or does.
    I blame the fact that I had high school government the year of the 2000 election.. Also known as the year of the hanging chad. That is quite literally all we talked about in that class for 6 months.
  7. Update: I have googled the cabinet. See? This is an educational project. Not a waste of time at all.
  8. Oh man.. The President taking the Vice President to task is hard to watch.
    It's one thing to be taken down a notch in private; it's another to have it done in a room full of leaders.
  9. Toby: "We're having difficulty locating our talent."
    Speechwriting would be such a tricky job because of this. I think it would be an indescribable thrill to get to write the big, stirring, important speeches.. But having to turn out excellence in a speech about agriculture would be much more difficult.
  10. Hey there, Danny!
    What little tidbit of trouble are you stirring up today?
  11. Don't worry, Danny.. CJ totally wants to have dinner with you.
  12. "You know what's good about this? If you hadn't come along with your offer of Chinese opera and no sex, all I'd be doing later is watching Monday Night Football.. So this works out great for me."
    You must really like Mallory, Sam.
  13. There are a lot of these scenes of the Vice President speaking to small groups of people about random topics as if to convince them of his view. I wonder if that is a thing that the VP is required to do? Or is it a commentary on who Hoynes is?
  14. CJ handles these press briefings really well, even when she gets blindsided.
    I would not do so well. I would lose all my words and probably cry.
  15. "Wait, Nancy Becker needs it tonight? Give it to Sam."
    So, Leo.. We're not quite as fine with the Sam/Mallory dynamic as we thought, are we?
  16. "I'm going to the Beijing Opera tonight, which I imagine will be excruciating. But I'm going to do it anyway."
  17. Mandy: "You guys are idiots, did you know that?"
    CJ: "In our defense, we actually do know that."
  18. "It's not enough. I'd like you to sing a song for me."
    I love Danny.
  19. Seriously.. The schedules that these people keep are insane.
  20. "Let me fix that. Let's say you and I, we take these tickets, we'll go catch the second act."
    "Is there another way, any other way we can fix this?"
  21. "Sam, I gave you the thing to do because I was pissed you were taking, you know, blah blah blah."
    "Well said, Dad."
  22. Toby and Sam are so great together.
  23. "If I see a grizzly bear, I'm supposed to sing to it, sir?"
    And we've come full circle.