"Judges are bound to interpret the constitution.."
  1. Is that the sound of Toby's ball I hear?
    Oh no. It's the weird thumping in Josh's ceiling.
  2. "It was a series of phone calls which I masterminded, and while I'm not one to be selfish about credit, I think it is important to note that IT IS DONE AND I DID IT!"
    Shall we bring you all the muffins and bagels in the land, Josh?
  3. "Who da man?" "You da man!" "We da men!"
    Donna's response is absolutely perfect: "This is just gross."
  4. What is it with the chest bumping?
    Men are strange creatures.
  5. I think that Josh has a little (giant) crush on Judge Harrison.
  6. Why do we never see Josh, drunk in Donna's apartment in the middle of the night??
    I'm just saying, I think it would be a substantive addition to the show.
  7. "The American voters like guts. The Republicans have got 'em."
    I guess this could kind of explain the Trump phenomenon.. Except the voters have confused guts with psychosis.
  8. "You're killing me, you know that Danny."
    You're killing her with cuteness! Keep it up, Danny boy!
  9. "I really think if big chunks of the ceiling are going to fall down on anyone.. I don't know.. It should be you."
    Josh, you are so lucky Donna sticks with you.
  10. "Is it possible for Peter Lillienfield to be a bigger jackass? You think if he tried hard there's room for him to be a slightly bigger horse's ass than he's being right now?"
    Yet another quotable moment, brought to you by Aaron Sorkin.
  11. I love Josh. And Toby.
    I don't think I could choose between them if I had to.
  12. For the first time ever I noticed this on Toby's office wall.
    864c314f 6f07 4d74 8fde 795f4efd2b73
    It's an Amnesty International poster.
  13. "CJ likes goldfish."
  14. Hello there, Ken Howard!
    Ken Howard will always and forever be Thomas Jefferson in my heart. And a singing Thomas Jefferson at that!
  15. I also love Leo.
    And Josh..again. "You're Leo McGarry. You're not going to be taken down by this.. Small fraction of a man. I won't permit it."
  16. YES! Danny is delivering his goldfish.
    "It's a goldfish." "Why?" "It's for you." "Really?"
  17. Oh man.. There are so many egos in this discussion on the constitution.
    But so much brilliance as well.
  18. "The next two decades are going to be (about) privacy. In a country born on the will to be free, what could be more fundamental than this."
    Well.. You called it, Sorkin. Well done.
  19. "I still hate you."
    The feeling is mutual, Mandy.
  20. "Judge Mendoza, would it surprise you that your name has been on a shortlist for nominees to the bench?"
    "You were not the first choice, but you are the last one, and the right one."