"If I see the real thing in Nashua, should I tell you about it?"
  1. We should just take a moment to reflect on HOW CRUEL it would have been to have to wait through the summer to find out what happened to everyone.
    I remember reading somewhere that the actors didn't even know who had been shot.. Crazy.
  2. The opening scene in the car with the President and Agent Butterfield is excellent.
    With the president talking a mile a minute like that, it seems impossible that he could have been shot. And yet...
  3. For the record, I would totally be throwing up in the car.
  4. Also, that limo whipping that u-turn is both terrifying and excellent.
    I feel like I would fail miserably if I tried that.
  5. Toby's face/reaction when he sees Josh is one of my favorite moments.
    Toby is so gruff with his words, but his looks tell the real story.
  6. It's impressive how quickly this emergency room is mobilized to receive the President.
    I mean, I know these guys are professionals, but still. That was a fast turnaround.
  7. The scene where the President kisses Leo on the cheek and tells him it's going to be ok - 💛💛💛
  8. Oh man.. Poor Josh. 😢
  9. I love the flashbacks in this episode and the next one. Usually I hate flashbacks, but their so necessary here - we find out so much more about these characters we're so invested in.
  10. "I don't know what we're for. I don't know what we're against. Except we seem to be for us winning, and against somebody else winning."
  11. It's strange to see Leo and Josh be so formal together.
  12. Sam: "Hoynes - he's not the real thing, is he."
    Josh: "..."
  13. I feel for the Vice President being thrust into the situation room like this.
    But it does go to prove Sam's point.
  14. Ugh.. Poor Donna. I can't imagine not having known this whole time.
  15. CJ does roughly 150% better at this briefing after having been shot at than I would do on my best day.
    "I don't believe they do know more than I do, I just believe they're willing to tell you more than I am."
  16. I CANNOT BELIEVE that there is not an established procedure for who is in charge if the president is suddenly unable to perform his duties.
    "Because this is an area of federal law where you want as much ambiguity as possible."
  17. Toby comforting Ginger 💛💛
    Toby really is a teddy bear.
  18. "Yeah.. I screwed you on that one."
    Best political answer EVER.
  19. "I'm tired of it, year after year after year after year, having to choose between the lesser of who cares. I'm tired of getting myself excited about a candidate who can speak in complete sentences.. Of setting the bar so low I can hardly look at it."
    Amen, Leo.