"137 miles.. Is that a lot?"
  1. Mrs. Landingham: "You're testing that preposterous contraption again."
    Leo: "It's not preposterous, it's not a contraption, and mind your own business."
  2. President Bartlet: "You know what you are? You're the Charlie Brown of missile defense. The Pentagon is Lucy."
    This whole exchange between Leo and the President is hilarious.
  3. Leo: "There are a couple of three star generals in there. Call them Lucy and you're on your own."
  4. Leo: "We missed it by 137 MILES??"
    President Bartlet: "When you consider the size of outer space, Leo, that's not so bad."
  5. Global warming.. It's kind of crazy that some people still don't think that this is a thing.
    Yet another way in which the West Wing is still applicable today.
  6. I love Lord John Marbury!
  7. Josh: "Neither Leo nor I are threatened by his brains, his looks or his charm. He is, however, a lunatic Brit and we're grateful there's an ocean between us."
    Donna: "There isn't anymore."
  8. Toby: "We don't have to move to the right if we can publicly spank the people on our left."
    Ah, the joys of politics.
  9. CJ: "My love for Lord John Marbury is real. It's not a schoolgirl crush. He calls me Principessa."
    Josh: "Really? He calls Leo Gerald."
  10. President Bartlet: "I'm victim to my own purity of character."
    Leo: "Whatever."
  11. Leo: "We'll get you some information on the lynx, which is a kind of possum, I think."
    President Bartlet: "Ok, well, it's not a kind of opossum, so why don't you get me that information."
  12. I can't believe that none of these very smart people know what a lynx is!
  13. Ugh. It makes me sad that Sam is getting left out of this.
    It's so heartbreaking to work your heart out on something just to have it wrecked by someone else...regardless of the motive.
  14. Every exchange between Leo and Lord John Marbury is gold.
    Aaron Sorkin is a genius.
  15. Ugh. This exchange between CJ and Cornelius Sykes makes me cringe.
    Because it's so true. Fear makes us into the worst versions of ourselves. And it's inexcusable. And heartbreaking.
  16. President Bartlet: "What made you agree to take the post?"
    LJM: "I don't know.. I suppose it's possible I was drunk."
  17. Ugh.. Poor Sam.
  18. Sam: "You left me out."
    Toby: "Yeah." 😢
  19. Josh: "You know, can I say this? Why don't we just give the 60 billion dollars to North Korea in exchange for not bombing us?"
    President Bartlet: "It's almost hard to believe that you're not on the National Security Council."
  20. LJM: "You build a shield, and someone will just build a better missile."
  21. President Bartlet: "They say that statesmen are politicians that have been dead for 15 years. I want us to be statesmen while we're still alive."