"Charlie, is it possible that CJ isn't wearing any pants right now?"
  1. I am one of those dorky people who loves the State of the Union in real life - so seeing it in the West Wing, where Toby and Sam have written it, is even more exciting.
  2. It's crazy to see how carefully the language is chosen for this speech.
    "He feels the word vigorous is inflammatory." 😳
  3. It's also crazy to see how last minute some of the edits and inclusions are.
    3 minutes before the speech? Seriously? And I thought my coworkers left things to the last minute. 😜
  4. Josh and his polling neuroses would make me insane.
    Donna is a literal saint.
  5. Capitol Beat Host: "CJ's not wearing any pants. No pants whatsoever."
    CJ: "It's cable!"
  6. CJ: "You know why I'm not wearing any pants?"
    Sam: "I assumed it was the usual reason."
  7. Sam: "There's bathrobes in the women's locker room‽ But not the men's? Now that's outrageous. There have to be a thousand men working here, and fifty women."
    CJ: "Yeah.. And it's the bathrobes that's outrageous." 🙄
  8. Charlie has the least enviable job in the White House a lot of the time.
  9. I wonder where the situation room actually is? (Or if it's actually a thing?)
    It seems like it should be completely underground in a bunker somewhere.. But I doubt that's the case.
  10. The fact that Ainsley Hayes has yet to meet the President despite having worked for him for three months is perhaps the most realistic thing in this episode.
  11. Ainsley: "I'm going back on television now."
    Sam: "Try to remember you're on our side."
  12. Donna: "Josh, I can help you or I can not help you, it's up to you."
    Josh: "Then I absolutely choose not helping me."
  13. Abby is scary when she's pissed.
    And rightly so. It's got to be impossible to be married to the President.. especially when you find out he's running for reelection via a speech.
  14. CJ has the second worst job in the building.
    This whole police officer storyline makes me a little sick.
  15. It's a bad day as President when you walk into your office to find the Joint Chiefs already assembled.
  16. The scene between Ainsley and Sam and the President is priceless.
    "That could have been worse.. No, probably not."
  17. President Bartlet: "That was three years ago."
    Abby: "Yeah."
  18. ***** In completely unrelated but current West Wing news, Allison Janney addressed the actual White House Press Corps today.
    Watch it here: http://cnn.it/23e8yRw