"The worst part of living outside the law is that you no longer have the protection of it."
  1. "Are we going to keep them alive longer, or is it just going to seem longer?
    I cannot fathom the weight of making decisions where lives hang in the balance.
  2. Ah.. Josh's polling angst and antics continue.
  3. On the West Wing Weekly, Janel Maloney said that she made a conscious decision in the first episode to play every interaction with Josh as if Donna were in love with him.
    It explains so much about how her character and storyline develop.
  4. Josh: "You're fired."
    Donna: "Impervious!"
  5. Haha! Josh's discussion about Donna and Joey with Sam is excellent.
  6. Josh: "Don't you think she'd be jealous?"
    Sam: "She goes out with guys. Are you jealous?"
  7. "No. I don't get jealous. I don't like it, and I usually do everything within my considerable capabilities to sabotage it."
  8. These guys are the kings of denial.
  9. Josh: "I wouldn't make that phone call with a gun to my head."
    President Bartlet: "I have a gun to my head and I'm not making that phone call."
  10. "Ten years ago we spent 5 billion dollars fighting drugs, and we did such a good job that last year we spent 16 billion."
  11. Ainsley's hair is amazing here.
    In contrast, Sam's is kind of ridiculous.
  12. Ainsley: "And I'm still scared to meet him, but I'll overcome that in order to erase the humiliation that I've brought upon myself and my father."
    Sam: "You are just in your own little Euripides play over there, aren't you."
  13. Bartlet: "I can focus on two things at once!"
    Abby: "You don't have two things at once. You have 92 things at once, and one of them is five hostages in Columbia!"
  14. "Let me tell you something, jackass! Get as chippy as you want if that makes you feel better. I am your wife, I love you, you have a crisis, and you have to deal with it. When it's done, we'll talk."
    I love Abby.
  15. Leo: "How are you doing, Ainsley?"
    Ainsley: "I'm concerned about peeing on your carpet."
  16. There is no really gracious way to come out of a (literal) closet in front of the President of the United States.
  17. Bartlet learning that one of the Black Hawks is lost is so superbly acted.
    And the following scene of the conversations between the two presidents is wonderfully done as well.
  18. "I'm not letting him out! I'll share a cell with him before I let him out!!"
  19. "That's what we do, Abby.. We run for things! A president gets to govern for 18 months! We try to get people to vote for us, and in the process we hope the people force us to do good things!"
    This might be the problem with our political system.
  20. Leo: "I fought a jungle war. I'm not doing it again."
  21. Martin Sheen really steals the show in this episode. His tears in the last scene are so believable.. I found myself tearing up too.
  22. "We lost this one, Mr. President. It was bad intelligence. And we lost it."