1. This is such a poignant episode. It highlights the sacrifices that public servants make for their jobs.
    They are all better people than I.
  2. Sam: "This isn't happening."
    The story of my life.
  3. Sam: "We wear sweaters. It's a Tommy Hilfiger ad."
    Why am I not surprised, Sam.
  4. Sam: "He's blowing my weekend in the Hamptons!"
    CJ: "Maybe he doesn't know about the sweaters."
  5. I kind of love that CJ has the power to keep everyone at work.
    Or "hold them hostage" as she says.
  6. "You're watching democracy in progress - it's a beautiful thing!"
  7. How realistic do we think it is that literally all the senior staff would clear out of Washington for the same weekend?
    I'm thinking it would never happen. If it can't happen at my job, it can't happen at the White House, right?
  8. CJ: "I know the teams. I'm joking when I do this.. I'm joking when I do this."
    You and me both, CJ.
  9. The rules of the filibuster were one of maybe four things I learned in my high school government class.
    Another one of the four things was the origin of the word 'filibuster'. It was a very worthwhile class, obviously.
  10. Leo: "You just spent 6 billion dollars on health care. How do you feel?"
    Josh: "I'd feel better if it meant just once I could go to the doctor without having to fill out something on a clipboard."
  11. Oh man.. The Vice President taking pictures with old ladies and quilts is 100% Joe Biden.
    I'm going to miss Joe Biden. A lot.
  12. Toby is getting suspicious of the Vice President's motives..
    We're headed down the rabbit hole.
  13. Sam: "Well, it's a little complicated, and it would be difficult to explain in laymen's terms."
    CJ: "You can put the black seven on the red eight."
  14. I love that Sam says Toby is his favorite writer. 💛
  15. Haha! I also love the Sam and the intern storyline.
    Sam: "I have demonstrated yet again that I am open to all forms of debate."
  16. Sam: "That's my nickname, ok. I'm the Housekeeper! ... That's a terrible nickname."
    Josh: "Better start getting used to it for a while."
  17. Sam: "Hey, hey.. You're talking to senior staff."
    Intern Winifred: "Gee.. Genuflect when you say that, fella."
  18. CJ + Donna + 😸 = 💯
  19. Oh man.. I forgot about Josh falling over!
  20. Oh.. Apparently we learn about the origins of the word filibuster here, too.
  21. President Bartlet: "I made a deal with Abby.. Because of my thing."
    Leo: "...One term."
  22. I love that it's Donna who figures out what's really going on behind Stackhouse's filibuster.
    And I really love that everyone moves heaven and earth to support him after they know.
  23. Leo: "What are you doing?? We usually don't raise our hands."
    President Bartlet: "Though it's not the worst idea in the world."
  24. "There are so many days here where you can't imagine that anything good will ever happen, when you're buried under a black fog of partisanship and community.. But tonight I've seen a man with no legs stay standing, and a guy with no voice keep shouting. Maybe if politics brings out the worst in people, people bring out the best."