"Oh, how I miss the Cold War."
  1. I wonder how we came up with the term lame duck congress?
    I'm pretty sure this is something I learned in high school and have since forgotten.
  2. Oh yes! This is the episode with Donna's crusade against carpal tunnal syndrome!
  3. CJ: "What are we going to tell the twelve people out there looking for new jobs?"
    Toby: "They may not be done with their old ones yet."
  4. "Charlie! Could I have a couple of aspirin? Or a weapon of some kind to kill people with?"
    I feel your pain, Mr. President.
  5. I love that a two page summary on a point is going to cramp Josh's style.
    Though in all fairness, I get it. I belong to the "more is more" camp when it comes to words.
  6. Ha! Apparently it's going to cramp Sam's style too.
    "I can't unleash my full potential in a two page summary!"
  7. Ugh. I love the Ainsley/Sam dynamic so much.
    I wish it were more of a thing.
  8. Charlie: "The girl's not bad looking. You think she knows how to kill me?"
    Leo: "Yes."
  9. "I don't think you think the treaty's bad. I don't think you think it's good. I think you want to beat the White House."
    Way to call it like it is, Ainsley!
  10. Margaret typing with just her middle fingers 😂😂😂
  11. Leo: "Can you keep your people in line?"
    Josh: "Well, there's no evidence of it so far."
  12. Josh: "I'm sticking to domestic policy."
    Leo: "Yeah, because that has the ring of sanity to it."
  13. "I need Vasiley Konanov to meet with someone of absolutely no value. You're my girl."
    Well, Josh, don't you know how to make the ladies melt.
  14. Ainsley: "I gave it a little polish."
    Sam: "You reversed my position!!"
  15. Sam: "You.. listen.. I, you know.. I can't.. Alright."
    You see? This is the Ainsley effect, and it's awesome.
  16. Danny: "CJ, I don't have a problem with a reporter dating the press secretary."
    CJ: "Well, I have a problem, so.." 😢
  17. "Now you can go home and say exactly what you wanted to.. Which is that you met with the President of the United States. You just have."
  18. Ainsley: "Is this how you guys decide to go to war?‽"
    Sam: "I don't know. I'm not usually in the room when they do that."
  19. "You know, we forget sometimes. In all the talk about democracy, we forget it's not a democracy, it's a republic. People don't make the decisions. They choose the people who make the decisions. Could they do a better job choosing? Yeah, but when you consider the alternatives.."
    Here's hoping we do a decent job choosing this time around!