"The day-to-day experience of my life has changed in many ways since taking this job."
  1. Danny: "Are you being punished?"
    CJ: "I am not being punished. I'm going on the trip." Nice try, CJ. 😂
  2. President Bartlet: "I think it's great you decided to make the trip."
    CJ: "I believe I was ordered to, Mr. President."
  3. CJ: (after putting on a Notre Dame ball cap) "Please let nobody see me like this."
    President Bartlet: "Hey! Photo op!"
  4. Josh: (surprised) "Hey! You look good!"
    Donna: (exasperated) "Yes! I do!"
  5. I could never get away with returning a dress after wearing it. I would for sure spill something on it.
  6. Josh is really an ass here.
    And, as usual, Donna handles him like a champ. I would have punched him and then cried. 😳
  7. Poor Sam. I'm sure we can all understand the struggle of not writing well, but it's hard to imagine the pressure of such a public platform.
  8. Toby: "Nice hat."
    CJ: "Shut up."
  9. President Bartlet: "It would please me if you would lead the press in a rendition (of the Notre Dame fight song) as we pass over South Bend."
    Poor CJ 😂
  10. I love how mutually concerned the President and Leo are for one another.
  11. "Oratory should raise your heart rate. Oratory should blow the doors off the place."
    This is what I want from politicians today. Among other things.
  12. Toby: "I think we'll stay away from quoting communists."
    Sam: "You think a communist never wrote an elegant phrase? How do you think they got everybody to be communist?"
  13. "I like you guys who want to reduce the size of government. You make it just small enough that it can fit in our bedrooms."
  14. Charlie: "He wanted me to tell you that we're approaching South Bend, and that he likes to hear the song at a brisk and steady tempo."
    CJ: "Oh, kill me now."
  15. "You know why late flights are good? Because we cease to be earthbound and burdened with practicality. Ask the impertinent question. Talk about the idea that no one has talked about yet."
  16. President Bartlet: "You don't like 'permanent revolution?'"
    Toby: "It's a nifty phrase, but I think if we call for a permanent revolution people are, you know, going to expect one."
  17. Oh yeah. I had forgotten that this Donna/Ainsley weirdness happened.
    "You're wigging out, Donna."
  18. CJ: "I certainly hope we don't accidentally send your luggage to Belgium on the way back."
    Danny: "Yeah, I wouldn't want to find out what it's like to be inconvenienced by the White House!"
  19. Oh man.. This is really not CJ's night.
  20. "You look really great in that dress tonight, Donna. You should buy if for yourself."
    And there Josh goes being all sweet.
  21. I love that Danny gives the draft back when he knows it's because Sam is embarrassed that he wrote it.
    "Tell him to relax, he'll get his swing back. Tell him I didn't read it."
  22. CJ: "There must be an escape hatch here of some kind."
  23. CJ: "Why can't you ever give me answers like that when we're running for something?"
    President Bartlet: "Because I like to bother you."
  24. "A hundred new teachers? Instead of a hundred thousand? Well.. It's a start, I guess."