My family traveled out to visit my brother in Houston for Christmas. It's the first time I've ever spent any time in Texas. When people say that Texas is a different world, they may just be right.
  1. 80 degrees and swampish is apparently acceptable weather for Christmas Day.
    I don't have room to talk here, being from Arizona.. But it was 38 degrees when I left my house Christmas morning, so the temperature change was a bit of a shock.
  2. No one drives slowly, unless they are from out of town.
    And speed limits seem to be more like suggestions? I don't think I've ever seen so many cars move so quickly before.
  3. These crazy knife cars are a thing. And they are everywhere.
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    It's hard to see in this picture, but there are BLADES coming out of those wheels. Seriously, Texas, what is this?? Are these things actually street legal??? (Again, I am from Arizona, so my standards are low.. But this seems incredible to me.)
  4. People are generally very friendly.
    They wave at you nicely as they zoom past in their trucks. (I don't know about the knife car peeps though.)
  5. Crystal Beach trumps Galveston for calm beauty and lazy days.
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    But guys.. The house my parents rented didn't have internet. It was AWFUL.
  6. Everything is bigger in Texas.
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    Including jellyfish.
  7. State pride is a thing, and it is reflected in the most surprising ways.
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    Including meat and cheese party trays that are Texas-shaped.
  8. If bumper stickers are any indication, Texas will go to Bernie Sanders.
    This was a real shock to me.. I expected Trump stickers and Cruz stickers.. And maybe even some Hillary stickers. But Bernie has the sticker game won down there.
  9. If I could spend every day on the beach, I would.
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    Granted, I already knew this about myself, but it was a good reminder! I'm glad I already have a beach vacation to look forward to in 2016.