My parents must have really worried about me for a while.
  1. A nurse.
    This is a great job, right? Totally practical. But then I realized that nurses have to give shots, and I was terrified of shots. Goodbye dream!
  2. Indiana Jones.
    He got to travel and have adventures and find treasures. Win-win-win.
  3. A writer.
    This lasted until I realized I got roughly 1,000x more pleasure from reading stories than I did from trying to make them up myself.
  4. Indiana Jones.
    This was a real phase. I had a whole plan in place - I would be an archaeologist and work in Egypt and the Amazon. I *maybe* insisted my friends call me Indiana James for most of 5th grade. I was cool.
  5. A travel agent.
    Because the next best thing to traveling is living vicariously through others' travels, right?
  6. A travel writer/tour guide.
    I still kind of wish this were my job, honestly.
  7. An archaeologist.
    Eventually I figured out that I could maybe be a socially/historically responsible version of Indiana Jones.
  8. A professor.
    College forever!!!