One of the challenges of being an early and voracious reader is having a large vocabulary of words that you've never actually heard outside of your head. At 33, I'm still coming across words (mostly thanks to audiobooks) that I've been mispronouncing for years.
  1. Riffle
    I've always pronounced this the same as rifle - and honestly, I think until recently I thought they were just the same word (and that the extra f was optional)?? In my defense, they have similarish meanings.
  2. Dour
    This one I haven't been mispronouncing, but I wasn't aware there was more than one pronunciation. The first time I heard it pronounced the standard way in an audiobook I though the narrator was wrong. 😜
  3. Hotly
    Guys, this one is horribly embarrassing. EVERYONE knows how to pronounce hotly. But I was inserting another 'L' before the t, making it both weird and largely unpronounceable. Why?? Who knows.
  4. Halcyon
    I am clearly not super detail oriented when it comes to the order of letters inside words (see above). With halcyon, I switched the c and y in my head, making it hal-ee-kon instead.
  5. How about you guys? Or am I the only one with this problem?