1. When someone walks into a room and everyone unexpectedly claps for him or her or gives him or her a standing ovation.
  2. When a dying person asks his best friend to take care of his kid.
  3. When the sad part of a character's brain takes over the happy part.
  4. Covers of Annie Lennox tracks.
  5. When a disowned child draws a picture on an old Apple.
  6. Funerals in the south.
  7. Military funerals.
  8. Funerals.
  9. When siblings try to find common ground.
  10. Holiday songs used for dramatic effect.
  11. When a teacher tells a student that s/he expected more from him/her and/or that s/he is really proud of him/her.
  12. A divorced couple seeing their child the first time after a custody battle.
  13. When toys are in imminent danger.
  14. When a doctor says, "there's no easy way to say this."
  15. Moms.
  16. Giving up imaginary friends.
  17. A large group of people singing together.