1. 12:00 am before day of auditions- "If I set my alarm for 7 am and do work in the morning I can go to sleep now."
  2. 7am: "eh I'm sure if I wake up at 8 I'll be fine, it was in pretty good shape before bed..but NO LATER THAN 8!"
  3. 8:30- Wake up
  4. 8:31- Instagram, twitter, Facebook, list app
  5. 9:00- Ok now that phone stuff is outta the way I can really work
  6. 10:00- Shower and primping
  7. 11:00- Look up casting office on map
    "fuck it's farther than I thought"
  8. 12:00- Road rage mixed with saying a line from the scene out loud every now and then
  9. 1:00- Waiting room where you overhear the casting assistant setting up tests for the SAME ROLE YOU'RE AUDITIONING FOR
  10. 1:02- sip water
  11. 1:07- Audition
  12. 1:09- Leave audition
  13. 1:12- Say line out loud while walking back to car. "Dammit I should've done it like that"
  14. 1 Head to second audition you don't really care about
  15. 2:00- Nail audition you don't really care about
  16. 2:30- Text friends that you are ready for a margarita
  17. 3 Drink margarita alone because it's 3 pm on a Wednesday