If you're anything like me, a Frank song can turn your whole day around. Here are some of my favorites. Note: most recordings I have are Count Basie arrangements; my favorite Frank collaborator.
  1. The Night We Called It A Day
    Favorite break up ballad of all time. The night I knew my relationship with my college boyfriend was over I chain smoked cigarettes and listened to this on repeat. Embarrassing but in my head I looked like the female Humphrey Bogart.
  2. Just in Time
    My favorite standard. Also appropriate to listen to like the day after you meet the love of your life.
  3. One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)
    Reserved for only the bleakest of ending romances. For the "she shot me down I can't bear to breathe another minute I need more whiskey" break ups.
  4. My Way
    Anthem. I've listened to this at every low and high point in my life. A perfect communion of lyric and artist. Hearing Frank sing this is new every time. One time @patrickrogers and I did a joint rendition of this that was one for the books.
  5. Imagination
    Dreamy and old school. Franks young voice is almost unrecognizable. Tommy Dorsey arrangement on vinyl is best.
  6. How About You?
    Love mostly for the lyrics "I love a Gershwin tune..New York in June..holdin hands in the movie show when all the lights are low may not be new but I like it"
  7. That's All
    To me, the most romantic song of all time.
  8. I Wanna Be Around
    Best revenge/break-up song out there. I sang it for my college cabaret and found out the lyrics were written by a fan who had the idea for the song and sent it in. Neat.
  9. Summer Wind
    Duh. Best to listen: Post summer fling.
  10. More
    An upbeat love song. A common standard but the Count Basie arrangement is fresh ta death.
  11. My Kind Of Town
    Favorite song about my pre-LA city of Chicago.
  12. All I Need Is The Girl
    From Gypsy. Catchy and sweet and mostly I like hearing Frank sing about wearing a tweed vest.
  13. All the Way
    Another favorite standard from the Capitol Years. A simple and sweet love song.
  14. Hello, Dolly!
    Because gay.
  15. Just One Of Those Things
    Best song to listen to post fling that you knew all along had an expiration date.
  16. The Good Life
    I've always felt this song is in every mafia movie ever..and I love it. Most prefer the Tony Bennett version but Frank's has more heart IMHO.
  17. Nice 'N Easy
    ..does it every time. Truth.
  18. That's Life
    The down-on-your-luck-nothing-to-do-but-drink-beers-with-friends-and-curse-your-bad-fortune-anthem. I love listening to this on a blue day.
  19. Oh! Look At Me Now
    For the cynic who falls in love. Live for orchestration with Tommy Dorsey.
  20. Strangers In The Night
    Driving home after best first date ever.
  21. Young At Heart
    Great song for people like me who are terrified of growing old. Music by Johnny Richards and a great lyric by Carolyn Leigh "and if you should survive to 105 look at all you'll derive out of being alive" 💯
  22. It Was A Very Good Year
    By contrast...bad for people who are terrified by the passage of time. But no doubt a beautiful ballad, and special that I can only listen when I'm in a very specific type of melancholic mood.
  23. Moonlight Serenade
    The prettiest. This song always makes me think of what it would be like to date Frank Sinatra and have him sing to you. "I stand at your gate and the song that I sing is of moonlight" IMAGINE FRANK SINGING THAT TO YOU.
  24. New York, New York
    Nerdy and cliched but have you ever listened to this song in your headphones as you're about to land at JFK?? It's a god damn delight.
  25. Fly Me to the Moon. For when you're really digging someone.
    Suggested by @grapefriend