1. "Be a Michael, not a Sonny" -My mom
    Godfather is religion in my family. My mom thinks I wear my heart on my sleeve and that it ultimately gets you in trouble..better to not let anyone know what you're thinking a la Michael.
  2. "You should never argue with a crazy m-m-m-m-man"-Billy Joel/My dad
    After my college break up I got into a fight with my ex..I called my dad to talk about it and he quoted this lyric. I still think about it when I wonder if someone is worth a fight.
  3. "When someone breaks your heart, smear the blood around and make art" -Belinda Bremner, Playwriting professor junior year
    She was a special, special teacher and sometimes this thought is the only thing that gets me through heartache.
  4. "And if you can't drive with a broken back, at least you can polish the fenders"-Billy Joel/My dad
    My dad really loves Billy Joel lyrics..I'd never thought twice about this one til one day in the car he said that's the most accurate working man analogy; work your whole life to buy a car and then you're too overworked to use it.
  5. "Be good people"-Sean Kelley, college acting professor
    Simple...but my favorite acting teacher in college would end every class with this phrase because I think sometimes we forget that art is about humanity not ego.
  6. "Don't be afraid of the dead, it's the living you have to worry about"- My great grandma
    She passed away when I was little but she was full of little gems like this and did not suffer fools or stupid worries. My grandma and my mom still use these sayings.
  7. "Keep it simple"-My brother
    Any time I text him with some crazy worry or list of things stressing me out he responds with this. It reminds me to cut out any tedious problems and get back to basics..and yoga.
  8. "Every time you don't feel like doing work just know that someone, somewhere is..and when you face them in competition they will win"-Dr. Moss, high school theatre teacher
    A little hardcore for a high school theatre director but I think of this at least once a week when I don't feel like doing the extra hour of work.
  9. "You can never be too rich or too thin"-My grandma
    Okay she says this half kidding but I love this irreverent Joan Rivers side of her