1. A Streetcar Named Desire
    Feel this doesn't need a caption but Marlon in that sweaty t-shirt and permanently smoking a cigarette?!?!
  2. On The Waterfront
    "I could've been a contender Charlie!"..maybe my favorite Brando scene. So simple and good. And the scene where he fiddles with the white glove is mentioned in probably every acting class ever taught.
  3. The Wild One
    Because who else could pull off wearing a leather jacket with your name written on the front? NOBODY, that's who.
  4. Guys and Dolls
    Marlon Brando + musical theatre + Frank Sinatra= swoon city
  5. Last Tango In Paris
    The OG Fifty Shades of Grey. This is borderline pre-fat Marlon..his last super sexy performance and that camel coat?? Done and done.