Favorite Memories of 2016

Good times I've forgotten about because this year has mostly been a dumpster fire
  1. Me and Patrick watching fireworks. July.
  2. Palm Springs March
  3. Birthday. April.
  4. Malibu. June.
  5. Love Story at the New Bev. August.
  6. Just a really happy perfect night with perfect people. June.
  7. The happiest I've ever been walking out of Hamilton in Times Square having cried off all of my make up. April.
  8. Michigan. Blake's Cider Mill. October.
  9. Turner Classic Film Fest. April.
  10. Hard at work. November.
  11. A breakup so bad my mom was on a plane 12 hours after it happened. It was such a bad time but so grateful for a mom that would that!!!! February.
  12. Last week!?
  13. I met a childhood hero and I'm smiling so hard my skull almost exploded
  14. I danced all night with my grandma. October.
  15. NYC spring
  16. Patrick's Birthday. March.
  17. Show viewing party with pretty guys. March.
  18. Reunion with my first acting teacher and all time great human Dr. Moss. October.
  19. Best Fourth of July ever. July, idiots.
  20. Terrible to look at now, pure happiness and hope in the moment
  21. Downtown on top 5 prettiest days of all time. July.
  22. Sri Lankan food and music. August?
  23. Central Park in April
  24. Ryan's birthday. October.
  25. Thanksgiving. November
  26. When I got bedbugs and had to live in a hotel, they showed movies every night by the pool..Jaws night was the best night. May.
  27. Cabaret in July
  28. September
  29. Shakespeare in the Park***wine. August?
  30. A trip to the Coachella with sane people who also agree Coachella is terrible. We went in for 30 minutes had a cheeseburger and then went to a spa. April.
  31. Just two girls singing an 8 minute rendition of I will survive after a break up
  32. A full day at the movies. December
  33. Santa Monica. December.
  34. Product takeover. NY edition. April.