My love of Ryan Gosling came late in life. I used to call him overrated cause I used to be asshole with bad taste. I've been going through his catalogue of films..adding as I go along
  1. Blue Valentine
    I watched it twice in a row it's perfect. Perfect. I could write an essay but I won't. I'll just say that the hotel room scene probably changed my life.
  2. The Believer
    First time seeing it. He's 21 and so good already. But I didn't like it because I can't not like him even when he's playing a neo-nazi so it made me confused.
  3. Drive
    Elevator scene, bye forever.
  4. The Nice Guys
  5. Crazy Stupid Love
    I know this is like his "hot movie" but I like him better when he's trashy.
  6. The Big Short
    I hate his hair in this I'm so sorry
  7. Place Beyond The Pines
    I mean. The most.
  8. Lars and the Real Girl
    You guys. He can do anything.