Inspired by @eliolsberg
  1. Manhattan- Woody Allen
  2. The Thin Red Line- Terrence Malick
  3. Before Sunset- Richard Linklater
  4. Goodfellas- Martin Scorsese
  5. The Birdcage- Mike Nichols
  6. Django- Quentin Tarantino
    Everyone stop yelling at me! I simply cannot get over the bad- assery of that Tupac shoot out sequence.
  7. My Own Private Idaho- Gus Van Sant
  8. The Apartment-Billy Wilder
  9. East of Eden- Elia Kazan
  10. Eyes Wide Shut- Stanley Kubrick
    Tom in his prime/Nicole Kidman high monologue 🔥
  11. Requiem for a Dream- Darren Aronofsky