Not sure if these are ranked @bjnovak . Sort of like asking someone to choose a favorite child.
  1. Jerry Maguire
    I can't quit you. To me, it's the most Tom being Tom. Favorite moments include hotel breakdown scene, help me help you bathroom scene and obviously his love profession that prompts "you had me at hello"
  2. Risky Business
    Sometimes you just gotta say what the fuck
  3. Top Gun
  4. Magnolia
    PTA created such a perfect and personal role for him to play, inspired by Tom's own strange relationship with his father. Another movie people who say he "can't act" have never seen.
  5. Vanilla Sky
    One of my favorite movies. So hot as Davis Ames especially running through an empty Times Square to Radiohead
  6. Eyes Wide Shut
    That long hair and black trench coat ????? See ya!
  7. Mission Impossibles
    Who runs better? No one. Who can deliver crazy silly spy jargon and make it seem real better? No one. Who can hang from the ceiling trying to prevent sweat from hitting a temperature monitored floor better??? NO ONE
  8. Born on the Fourth of July
    For everyone who says he's not a good actor
  9. Rain Man
    Tom is kind of an asshole in this movie but kills it. All the while looking like a dream in his black ray bans.
  10. Cocktail
    oh Brian Flannigan how I love thee
  11. A Few Good Men
  12. Tropic Thunder
    I mean..
  13. The Outsiders
    Bad teeth Tom
  14. Days of Thunder
  15. Oblivion
    Classic Tom swagger. Best moment: he exits a drone, puts on his Yankees hat and chews bubble gum before he goes and saves the world.
  16. Edge of Tomorrow
    Good for one of his new ones. A classic action comedy for Tom and Emily B made a good partner
  17. Minority Report