@miggles36 so challenging since Before Sunrise is already perfect but my list is finally complete
  1. New York City/Actor
    We're in a play together. Long nights rehearsing turn into wine, long walks and deep conversations about art. One of us (or maybe both) is in a relationship with a non-artist so it's a little dangerous. We stay up all night reading plays aloud just for fun. Neil Simon plays specifically. Everyone is always like "I hate actors" but I actually find I connect best with other actors so this one is probably most ideal.
  2. Detroit, Michigan/High School acquaintance
    My hometown. A coming of age story where I move back home with my parents to find myself and I reconnect with someone who was maybe in a different friend group from high school. We drink 40s on our old high school football field and go for long drives listening to Bruce Springsteen.
  3. New York/1940s/Jazz musician
    This sounds more like a Woody Allen movie? Whatever. I've never wanted anything more than to be in New York during this time, specifically in the jazz scene. He'd be a trumpet player I met at a jazz club and I'd watch him play Someone To Watch Over Me. We meet after his show and walk through the city until the sun comes up.
  4. Vienna/A real life Jesse
    I want to relive this exact experience with a Jesse
  5. Italy/An Italian
    I've never been so I finally book a solo trip to my homeland, prepared to wander alone and find myself. Instead I find an Italian who is the antithesis of the men I've dated in America. The language barrier starts off as a frustration and then turns into an aphrodisiac, only communicating what is necessary. Late dinners, afternoons in museums and Before Sunrise esque goodbye.
  6. East Coast college setting/Professor
    This sounds perverted but I'm picturing it in a Linklater charming way that doesn't necessarily lead to anything physical. I've always wanted to experience east coast collegiate life in general. He's not too much older, a brilliant lit professor, and I'm a grad student. It's fall. We walk through the campus and discuss Faulkner while I steal glances in between sips of coffee.
  7. Strangers on a plane
    A plane ride to Europe sitting next to a Jesse type stranger. We discuss movies and books and life and love the entire trip. They say we're landing and it feels like we've only been on the plane for 5 minutes. (To be honest this is pretty much my fantasy every time I get on a plane)