1. My Carole King Tapestry record
    The record I play whenever I'm blue
  2. My Polaroid camera
    @patrickrogers killed it with my birthday gift this past year
  3. My new copy of Leaves of Grass
  4. Before Sunset trilogy
    @patrickrogers got me this too. Spoilt.
  5. My Mary Weiland book, Fall to Pieces
    Maybe my favorite autobiography.
  6. My 5 year one line a day journal
    I got this as a present for myself on my 25th birthday. I don't remember to do it every day but now that I'm in the second year and can see what I was doing exactly one year ago, it's pretty great.
  7. My record player
    Another birthday gift from this year along with Frank records. I use this almost everyday and didn't realize how much I needed one til I got it.
  8. My desert rose stone
    From Marfa, TX
  9. My giving key necklace
    From friends for my birthday. I wear it daily.
  10. Blue Moleskin notebook
    Given to me by a stranger the day I thought to myself "I need a moleskin". It's been my journal since 2013.
  11. To The Wonder ticket stub, Austin, TX 2013
    This was my most favorite time in my life living in Austin for work. I kept this stub and it always falls out of my journal and makes me happy when I see it.
  12. A newspaper clipping of a Richard Linklater article
    I loved the article so so much and read it when I want to be inspired.
  13. My copy of A Moveable Feast
  14. My copy of A Catcher in the Rye
    I keep it next to my bed. It comforts me to flip open to any section of the book and read a few lines
  15. My I Remember Tommy, Frank Sinatra record
    My grandma just bought me this because it's her favorite Frank record.