1. Friends
    All the time.
  2. 30 Rock
    Senior year of college in Chicago. I was so depressed all I wanted to do was sit in my bathtub while watching 30 Rock and drinking bottles of Pinot Grigio
  3. New Girl
    Right now.
  4. The OC
    Post every break up I've ever had. For some reason nothing heals those wounds as well as watching Marissa Cooper make bad life decisions.
  5. Gossip Girl
    Fall of '13. Cured from the outfits alone.
  6. Girls
  7. Bored to Death
    Spring '13
  8. Togetherness
    Lately when I'm on planes and feeling melancholy delta on demand comes through on this one
  9. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    Wasn't depressed but super sick and made staying in bed for two days pleasant. Pinot Noir! Mid size car!
  10. Breaking Bad
    Life is meaningless.