1. NYC setting
  2. Smart female lead who puts her job first god dammit!
  3. The witty repartee pre kiss
  4. A perfect first kiss
  5. A charming/funny/irresistible one liner from male lead immediately post kiss
  6. The falling in love montage
    Song is key
  7. The leading man + best friend messing around shooting hoops/golfing/hiking/surfing/playing pool while discussing how great she is
  8. The break up with either male or female lead walked out on while the other is left teary eyed
  9. The life post break up montage
    They're apart and living life but something's missing?? What could it be??
  10. The third party intervention
    "You should really talk to so and so..they're doing rough without you"
  11. The getting my life back together and finally loving myself so that I can love someone else montage
  12. The grand romantic gesture!
  13. The final kiss!
  14. Another great one liner that no guy in real life would say
  15. One more silly moment
  16. The end! Your views and expectations on love just a little more impossible than when you walked in!