Or at least the ones I know. They may be stereotypes but they're all positive so lay off will ya!
  1. They're better at not checking their phones in public
    I asked a friend why once and he said "sometimes you have to take a train, bus and/or cab just to get coffee with someone so when you're in their company you value the time you have even more." I liked that.
  2. They say "stand on line" instead of "in line"
    I just like it every time I hear it.
  3. Emotional attachment to certain streets in New York
  4. Accent
  5. Pride
  6. Possess a love of bookstores
  7. Never underestimate the importance of a quality bagel
    Or slice...or cup of coffee
  8. They're still not comfortable driving a car even after years of doing so
  9. They somehow know where the best delis are no matter what city they're in
  10. Immune to being bothered by crowds
  11. Not scared away by very long walks
  12. Neil Simon