1. He spells his name "Burrows"
  2. Better to go for moment of sincerity where you may have gotten an easy laugh.
    Comedy needs heart too, people!
  3. Keep. It. Simple.
    Jokes feel stale after days of rehearsal so in turn we want to ham it up (laughs are addicting and the more you get the more you want) but simplicity always wins.
  4. "No."
    When something wasn't working, you'd not know where he's sitting and hear this ominous "no" mid-line. Not a man of many words, but all the right ones.
  5. It's easiest to know if a scene is working by not watching and listening to the rhythm.
  6. Don't play stereotypes. An obvious fact but easy to happen in a sitcom. So check yourself before you wreck yourself.