Literally nothing to do with my upcoming birthday and how I've exclaimed publicly numerous times all I care for are Voluspa candles.
  1. Goji & Tarocco Orange
    Wtf is Tarocco? Don't care smells fucking amazing
  2. Moso Bamboo
    Smells like the woods. I feel if Wild had a themed candle this would be it.
  3. Pink Citron
    I don't always love pretty and girly scents but this is so fresh and pattern on the candle is 👌
  4. Santiago Huckleberry
    It's like super edgy of me in the candle world to not put this one first because it's everyone's favorite and pretty damn good..but still #4
  5. Baltic Amber
    Honestly I don't know if I'm hardcore enough to buy this and have my house smell like it. But it's really pretty and it feels like what someone like Steven Tyler's house would smell like.
  6. French Bourbon Vanille
    Pretty good for a simple sweet smell but honestly does not fully live up to it's name. Also negative points for the snobby spelling of Vanilla.