1. RuPaul's Drag Race
  2. John Mulaney comedy specials
  3. Beer
  4. Carol King records
  5. Whiskey and a bath.
    Suggested by @matt_banbury
  6. A good night's sleep
    Or just a good night in general.
    Suggested by @kaitmaree
  7. Bacon an melted cheese
    Suggested by @kerrinjoy
  8. The episode of The Office where Dwight has the fire drill
    Suggested by @momomo
  9. Laying down in bed, with the a/c on high, and listening to music.
    Or watching The Office with a nice sandwich.
    Suggested by @JoseMakesFood
  10. A check for $60
    Suggested by @shield
  11. John Mayer Music.
    Suggested by @oeysteinD
  12. Impromptu solo dance party
    Blast a song and go crazy! Think disco/80s/the cheesier the better. (And embrace the inner freak show that emerges!)
    Suggested by @sdayno
  13. Running while blasting music, followed by a cool shower and then wearing my comfiest yoga pants. Ahhh 👌🏽
    Suggested by @aminam
  14. Musical theatre on youtube
    Suggested by @hollis
  15. Finding $5 in your pocket from the last time you wore your jacket!
    Suggested by @chermillionaire
  16. The Great British Bake Off
    Suggested by @katieminard
  17. Ice cream, cookies, cake... Basically anything sweet and yummy that I shouldn't be eating.
    Suggested by @stephaniehail
  18. Will & Grace reruns.
    Especially the Thanksgiving/timer episode!
    Suggested by @Natasha82
  19. Cuddling with a pet and ice cream
    Suggested by @nbrennan11
  20. A bag of Starburst
    Especially one of the fav red bags
    Suggested by @paige
  21. A delicious bowl of ramen. 🍜
    Suggested by @NLC
  22. How excited my dog is to see me when I get home.
    Suggested by @reginaphalange
  23. Any number of Lip Sync Battles or watching the bloopers from The Office.
    Suggested by @rulesofjinx
  24. Puppy and kitten videos
    Suggested by @tacosofficial
  25. Videos of soldiers returning from tour reuniting with the families.
    Suggested by @torilane
  26. Blast motown songs & dance
    Suggested by @millercourt
  27. The safe feeling of taking off your pants and crawling into bed
    Suggested by @sonyaellis
  28. Yorkies
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    Suggested by @dave
  29. napping with your pet dog or cat. actually, anyone's pet dog or cat.
    Suggested by @wangjhc
  30. Diet Coke & Malibu 🍹 and watching The Sopranos
    Suggested by @BrandiRed
  31. Walking through the grass barefoot.
    Suggested by @kravitz
  32. Watching favorite Parks and Rec episodes
    Suggested by @taylorm
  33. Venting about it somewhere
    i.e. Social media, journal, to a friend
    Suggested by @taylorm
  34. Removing your bra after a long day
    Suggested by @patchouli
  35. Watching old YouTube clips of Martha Stewart on Conan with a down comforter pulled up to my chin
    Suggested by @alenka
  36. Netflix, a comfy couch, pizza, and a good cup of tea
    Suggested by @brrosenau
  37. double-stuff Oreos. the whole bag.
    Suggested by @thechasesmith
  38. Parks and recreation
    Suggested by @ramivaa
  39. Puppy sleeping on your toes
    Suggested by @katyjmr
  40. Smoking a joint.
    Suggested by @taylorr
  41. Getting laid
    Suggested by @nadi27oct
  42. Putting on a ridiculous amount of 80s makeup and dancing to the Rock Of Ages soundtrack
    Suggested by @mairinmccurdy
  43. Eating popcorn in your jammies
    Suggested by @jesserker
  44. Telling a friend why they're legit
    Suggested by @sshapses
  45. Bad pop music and self care.
    It's really hard to stay down while dancing around to the songs you can't admit you love. It's even harder when you also paint your nails, exfoliate your pores, take a long hot bath, and treat yo self.
    Suggested by @tiffanyhale
  46. John Mayer's songs - even covers. Music heals!
    Suggested by @justeves
  47. Gilmore Girls marathon
    Suggested by @stars
  48. Watching atmospheric, cozy mysteries on Netflix with a cup of tea and chocolate.
    Suggested by @san
  49. Having your take out arrive 5 minutes after you get home because you ordered that shit while on the train bc you know you can't stand yourself taking a half hour to pick food once you arrive at home and wait another half hour for said food. All of that...avoided. 🎉
    Suggested by @thewendy
  50. A birthday card telling you that you are "So so so SO loved" along with a $100 check. (Even though you're about to hit 35)
    Suggested by @MissKimiya
  51. Stand up and a muscle relaxer
    Suggested by @samandcandice