The past few months I've been experiencing lots of NYC fomo. But last night I rekindled my LA romance.
  1. Went to Amoeba and got Lana's new album. Sped through the canyons with the windows down, the heat up and LDR blaring. The first listen is a ritual.
  2. Reading Angelica Huston's autobiography called Watch Me. Hollywood during the 70s was the most romantic and fucked up time. I can't get enough of reading about it.
    Jack is a prince and Ryan O'Neal I hate you forever!
  3. Rewatching of Chinatown. Besides it being a perfect movie, experiencing Los Angeles a la noir made me excited to live here again.
  4. @carey 's visit to Los Angeles list, tbh.
  5. Visiting @patrickrogers at work and realizing at any point in time I can drive and see my favorite people within in minutes.
    Our work schedules have been really hard on our marriage but we're working through it, guys!