1. "We have to kidnap the Prime Minister"
    This may beat the "we're breaking into the Kremlin" line from the last one
  2. Running..such running
  3. "Ethan Hunt is the human manifestation of destiny"
    I happen to agree 😍
  4. A shot of him remembering to grab his sunglasses from a totaled car just so he can look awesome while on a motorcycle chase!!
  5. Motorcycle chase!!
  6. Luther
    Ving Rhames with the one liners
  7. Simon Pegg
    Is fantastic
  8. "You want drama? Go to the opera"-Ethan Hunt
  9. Opera sequence and guns in the shape of a flute
    How do you work this thing? Don't worry Ethan figures it out
  10. The man hangs onto the side of a flying airplane what more do you people want????
  11. "You might know a way..Ethan knows the ONLY way"
    I butchered this but something like it. I yelled YEAH! Out loud in the theatre after this line
  12. That theme music that just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside
    Just me?
  13. Tom in a really nice leather