1. Pasta and tomato sauce
    This covers a wide range of my favourite foods; spaghettini, lasagna, ravioli, etc. I could do a whole list on pasta honestly.
  2. The classic thanksgiving meal
    I love the turkey, peas, good salad, gravy and especially mashed potatoes. At the same time I like that this meal is only eaten once or twice a year which makes it more special.
  3. Feta and spinach stuffed pork
    My dad made this Mediterranean-inspired dish once and I have never forgotten it, it was amazing
  4. Pizza
    This encompasses classy, thin crust home made pizza and a good old slice from the local crusty pizza place
  5. Pad Thai
    Probably my favourite comfort food. Always reminds me of going to the mall with my friend Woojong.
  6. Dim Sum
    Ok not technically what you eat for dinner but I had to include anyways :P
  7. Sushi
    Love sushi, it's the perfect thing to eat if you are going out to eat with friends (provided your friends aren't picky).
  8. A nice root vegetable soup with a buttered dinner roll
    Eaten last night
  9. And many more
  10. But I'm gonna stop cause this list is making me too hungry