1. So I work at a university residence and I was heading over there to put some of my stuff into storage for the summer
  2. The storage room is in this dark and creepy basement, which can only be accessed by using both an elevator key to get down to the basement and a key to get into the room itself
  3. My friend Jake who was working behind the desk at the time accompanies me down cause the basement is creepy and I don't want to be down there alone
  4. We get into the storage room and literally can't even see the room because there's a wall of stuff
  5. Like there's only enough space to open the door
  6. I end up climbing on top of some ppl's stuff to get a visual, it was pretty fun tbh
  7. After a bit of rearrangement and climbing we manage to get my stuff in a spot near the door
  8. We high-five at our accomplishment and Jake helps me down
  9. He turns to open the door and he can't....
  10. I try to open it, cause I have a superiority complex about being able to open difficult door knobs (actually tho)
  11. I can't open it either!!!!!!!!
  12. This doesn't even make any sense, the door locks from the outside
  14. I realize that I kept the key in the lock cause normally we leave the door open but since there was so much stuff it wouldn't stay!!!
  15. I don't have my phone, I ask Jake if he has his phone
  17. We just start laughing, like how is this even real, this is only supposed to happen in movies
  18. We are SO FUCKED
  19. All the students are gone for the summer
  20. We are the only staff here
  21. No one can get into the building unless we are there to let them in
  22. The next coworker isn't coming for 6 HOURS
    Not that she could get in
  23. No one even knows we're basement
  24. Then I remember from my view atop the piles of stuff, A DOOR ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM!!!
  25. It's our shining beacon of hope
  26. We both quickly climb over everyone's stuff across to the other side of the room
  28. it's dark, but it just looks like more storage
  29. There's no light switch, or any phone flashlights
  30. Jake bravely entered the darkness
  31. The room was much larger than it appeared
  32. He yelled back at me, "THERE'S ANOTHER DOOR!!!"
  33. WE WERE SAVED!! 🙌🏼 🙌🏼
  34. The far door placed us right on the other side of the door that locked us out
  35. We were so fucking lucky
  36. After we returned to the safety of the front desk it really hit us how lucky we were
  37. It would have taken hours for anyone to maybe realize that anything happened to us
  38. We probably would have been there for at least ~6 hours
  39. Best case scenario: Our coworker comes for her evening shift, manages to get into the building, realizes we're gone, and figures out we were in the basement
  40. Worst case scenario: honestly who knows, we could have been there over night??
  41. If we learned anything from this it's that if you're going to a creepy place, ALWAYS BRING YOUR PHONE!!!
  42. If u made it this far thank u for reading lol