Me and @ellakissedafella 's fav college-related song! If you haven't already heard it, pause this list and check it out then come back.
  1. "That party last night was off the crazy, I wish we taped it"
    Sometimes true, most parties are not that crazy to warrant one wishing they had taped it.
  2. "I danced my ass off and had this one girl completely naked"
    The dancing your ass off part is true however most guys cannot find a girl who is interested in them.
  3. "Drink my beer and smoke my weed, cause my good friends is all I need"
    Very true! 😀
  4. "Pass out at 3, wake up at 10, go out to eat then do it again"
    Not accurate, you will NOT want to get hammered all over again the very next night!!!
  5. "I wanna go to college for the rest of my life"
    LIES! College is hard work and by the end of your degree you will be ready for it to be over.
  6. "I can get pizza a dollar a slice"
    MORE LIES! Where I live, pizza is at least $3 a slice.
  7. "I am a champion at beer pong...don't even bounce, not in my house"
    Accurate, ppl have all sorts of house rules when it comes to beer pong but bouncing is never one of them.
  8. "Better hope you make it otherwise you get naked"
    What they are referring to is the "naked mile", where one must run around the block naked if they are shutout in beer pong. Wish I could say this doesn't happen but tbh my friend actually did it (in underpants) last year.
  9. "Time isn't wasted when you're getting wasted"
    Not true, you waste valuable time the next day nursing your hangover. Please make sure to factor this in when making your study schedule.
  10. "I can't tell you what I learned from school"
    Also not true, most people learn something at college believe it or not.
  11. "Don't pass out with your shoes on"
    Can't attest to this one, Canadians always take their shoes off.
  12. "Don't leave the house 'till the booze gone"
    Nope! The best bet is to leave while the party is still going, people start getting too sloppy after a while.
  13. "Don't have sex if she's too gone"
    VERY TRUE!! Best advice in the entire song, please do not try anything if anyone is too drunk!!!! Also be sure to look out for your friends, stop them if you think they are about to make a bad decision.
  14. "When it comes to condoms put two on"
    NOT TRUE! Why do they immediately follow up the best advice with the worst advice?! Condoms are designed to be put one one at a time, putting two on defeats the purpose. Please don't do this!