Sent to my family a few weeks ago, thought I'd share 🎄🎄🎄
  1. College cookbook/quick and easy meals cookbook
  2. Rice cooker
  3. Screw Driver Set
    Just something simple for around the house
  4. Scarf
    Doesn't necessarily have to be a winter scarf, a nice light one would be nice also
  5. Slippers or Nice Socks
    size 4 or 5, kids slippers size 3 work too
  6. Sephora Gift Card
  7. Mac lipstick in the shade "Rebel"
    Also interested in matte, mauve lipsticks
  8. Shoppers Drugmart Gift Card
  9. Tartelette Matte Eyeshadow Palette
  10. An Architecture Encyclopedia
    Just a nice general book on the history or study of architecture
  11. Art Supplies
    I am open to anything really, although I do already have a good collection of watercolour pencils and coloured pencils
  12. Bonsai Tree Book
    Got a bonsai tree for my birthday and would love some info on caring for it. A simple bonsai pruning kit could be cool too