1. Went to my friends' house across the street and went halfsies on some Chinese food
  2. Played a card game called Bonanza
  3. Played a drinking game with the movie "Grown Ups 2" with Jake and Ben
  4. Got way too drunk off 3 beers playing the Grown Ups 2 drinking game
  5. Decided it was a good idea to go to the club after watching the movie
  6. Got out of sweats, put some makeup on and bussed to the club
  7. Waited in line for too long at the club
  8. Decided going to the club was a bad idea
  9. Left the line at the club and met up with Jake's girlfriend and went with them to get poutine
  10. Parted ways with Jake and his gf
  11. Went to McDonald's with Ben and got McFlurries
  12. Walked home and am now in bed ready for a nice sleep
  13. 😴