Since my name is so short, I haven't had that many nicknames in my life but I tried my best to think of all of them! Thank u @losercee for suggesting the suggestion I gave to her lol
  1. Sweet pea
    What my mom used to call me/still does sometimes
  2. Mamma Mia
    Based off the popular hit song from the Swedish band ABBA, get it?! Used here and there by various people.
  3. Mi
    What some people (most notably my cousin) have tried to call me but it never seems to catch on.
  4. Miwa
    What some ppl would call me in high school, derived from a Facebook comment.
  5. mparent
    Derived from my snapchat name which was taken from my university user ID. Pretty much only my friend Anna's brother Jonathan calls me this.
  6. Mia P.
    Probably my fav nickname, it's just my name and first initial of my last name but somehow it just works so well! Popularized by Anna and Ella
  7. Mia Peanut
    Derived from the last one. This one is cute and I've harnessed it as my "social media handle" (lol). Definitely my most popular/used nickname thus far.
  8. Peanut
    Again, derived from the last one. Mainly used by Anna/Ella/Lucy
  9. Nut
    Shortened version of "Peanut". What @ellakissedafella calls me