Observations from Going to the Gym for the First Time

Happy to have crossed off another summer goal! See the rest at my recent list of 99 things I want to do this Summer: 99 THINGS I WANT TO DO THIS SUMMER
  1. There are a lot of hot guys who are not my type
    Not rly into athletes
  2. It is a lot less judgemental than I expected
    Everyone is kind of doing their own thing, they might glance over sometimes but ppl are respectful. I saw no judging eyes!
  3. It is not as "fun" as I expected
    Don't get me wrong I had a nice time but there weren't really as many funny moments as I thought. People are taking their workouts srsly and no one really chats cause it would ruin the vibe.
  4. Overall, would go again!
    Today my friend Woojong and I did back and legs so I am interested in seeing what working other muscle groups is like!