Lots of pics, it was a big month! Hope u enjoy and as always, check out mia.peanut on Instagram for more
  1. Random act of matching colours
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  2. My architecture project on presentation day
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  3. A foggy day on campus
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  4. Idk lol
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  5. Aesthetic in the workplace
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  6. My closet
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  7. Good bathroom aesthetic
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  8. A cute angle
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  9. Creepy Santa light
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  10. Sign blew off at work!
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    It was a blustery day
  11. Light from the window hitting the wall just right
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  12. Jake drawing on my wall drawing
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  13. Justin with tiny shoes on his fingers
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  14. Trying to pick between these two Vans styles
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    Feel free to weigh in on what u think!
  15. My beautiful bonsai tree that I love and cherish every single day
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  16. The squad
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  17. Me and Lucy on her bday
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  18. Strawberry smoothie
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  19. My cousin on the beach at Christmas
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  20. Cousin photobomb
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  21. Cousin selfie!
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  22. Little dude from the RISD Museum
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  23. Guy at RISD Museum
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  24. Many faces on this wallpaper
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  25. Amazing food from Korean restaurant in Providence
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    It was called Den Den for those wondering
  26. Driving into the abyss
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  27. Amy enjoying a drink on New Years Eve
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  28. Last pick of 2k15 👌
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