This list makes me sound creepy as fuck lmao
  1. Tall guy from my Research Methods in Memory class
    Not really into guys with man buns but he usually wears a hat so it's all good 👌🏼
  2. Really cute guy that always sits at the computers in the library
    Soooooo cuteeeeeee, all I know about him is he rides a bike to school cause he always has a helmet with him
  3. Hot sporty blond guy from work
    Not my usual type but there's just something idk lol
  4. Guy who kinda looks like Topher Grace from the library
    He helped me plug in my laptop charger once cause I couldn't reach so we're basically soul mates
  5. Asian law student from work
    He's so cute and nice!!! Wish he'd talk to me more, I want to know how law school is going!!
  6. Guy who lives in the same building as my friends across the street
    Only met him once but I've seen him around a couple times, has great hair
  7. Super well-dressed guy with crystal blue eyes who I see around campus sometimes
    We made eye contact once 😍