1. The comparison fallacy
    Thought up by @losercee. It is the failure to recognize that none of the selfies that you just took are to your standard, due to your preoccupation with comparing them to each other.
  2. The "good enough selfie"
    Irrational belief that there is a hierarchy within near-identical selfies when narrowing down which to post, in reality all narrowed down options are "good enough" to post.
  3. Occam's selfie
    When choosing what edits to put on a selfie and it is equally good with or without the edit, always choose the simplest decision (i.e. no edit).
  4. The "spam principle"
    Belief that if you spam the camera button for long enough, at least one adequate selfie will emerge.
  5. Choice exhaustion
    Spending too much effort narrowing down your best option will lead you to get lazy and wonder why you are doing this in the first place.
  6. The "miracle fate selfie"
    When the first selfie you take is so top tier that you wonder if you will ever be able to replicate such greatness. Coined by @ellakissedafella
  7. Anyways here's the selfie that inspired this list