Excuses, excuses. Overall I think doing 72/99 of the things is a pretty good finish! Feel free to scroll down to my original list from the start of the summer to see all the fun stuff I did do!
  1. Try yoga
    Did some stretching on a yoga mat but never bothered to look at a YouTube video and see how it's really done
  2. Finish my drawing
    Can't believe I thought this was achievable
  3. Finish my painting
    See above
  4. Learn a song on the piano
    This would have required consistent discipline and practice
  5. Kiss my crush
    What can I say? Didn't work out 🙃
  6. Watch that documentary about Helvetica
    Always wanted to watch this but I guess not enough to take action
  7. Finish reading "1984"
    One day
  8. Try oil painting
    Didn't want to spend the money on the paint
  9. Read a book on design/architecture
    Not big into reading overall tbh
  10. Have a piña colada
    Pretty disappointed, this was an easy one to do
  11. Learn to use the programming language R
    Don't worry, this one will get done this year for sure ;)
  12. Get my eyes checked
    Wasn't in the cards I guess?
  13. Get my film developed
    100% did not get done because of laziness
  14. Listen to more kanye
    Listened to plenty on Kanye this summer, however was hoping to venture into some of his older work
  15. Design a poster
    More laziness
  16. Listen to Chance the Rapper
    Just got too comfortable with what I always listen to to make an effort
  17. Watch a movie that makes me cry
    Honestly I've only ever cried at like 2 movies ever so this would have been quite a feat
  18. Try learning how to code
    Too much workkkkk
  19. Make a sculpture
    Didn't come up with any ideas
  20. Play frisbee
    Thought this was an inevitable summer activity, apparently not
  21. Remember to wear sunscreen
    Didn't apply sunscreen once 😬☀️
  22. Go kayaking at Lucy's cottage
    We had fun doing other stuff there!
  23. Ride a bike
    I don't really like biking, idk why I even put this one in the first place
  24. Try a lifehack
    Honestly I feel like I did this one, but I just can't think of an example so here we are
  25. Post some pictures to an album on Facebook
    So bad for this, I take so many pics and never share them!
  26. Make a collage
    Didn't feel like dragging my collage stuff out of storage
  27. Make breakfast for someone
    Who would I even make breakfast for?